Photosynth SDK Reference

This section contains the reference documentation for the Photosynth.PS2Viewer. This viewer is the SDK version of the internal PS.Packet.Player class. The annotation viewer/editor and virtual tour viewer are also built ontop of their corresponding internal classes.

Photosynth is the namespace of classes that you want to use:

PS is the namespace for internal classes that might be interesting to edit if you are more adventurous :-).

The photosynth open source package comes also with three storage solutions for annotations:

Source Read Write Annotations Connections Description
PS.API.SimpleStaticStorage Yes No Yes Yes Read annotations from a static json file, it can be produced by:
  • using debug graph viewer (download json button)
  • or by going to http://localhost/3000/synths and save the page as json (you will need to clean it and remove the internal mongodb ids)
PS.API.SimpleAnnotationProxy Yes No Yes No Read annotations directly from
PS.API.SimpleAnnotationStorage Yes Yes Yes Yes Read annotations from a Node.js + mongodb experimental storage.